What About Barb?

Being a generally creative person, I have dabbled in various artistic endeavors over the years: floral design, music, sewing, quilting, writing, art. The sign in my studio reads: Any Craft Will Do. It's the truth! But, ever since I fell head over heels into the world of rubber stamping I mostly keep busy designing and making greeting cards. I'm a bit of a gypsy soul and have wandered many places in my life, and I take inspiration accumulated from those travels. I currently live in Snohomish, WA - a quiet little town nestled between the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade mountains and Puget Sound. I am also writing my first novel, I've Seen Rain.

Oh, and if you don't mind, would you please feed my fish? Just click on the water to drop a tasty morsel for them. Thanks!

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